Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I racked my brain but couldn't think of any song reference for Southampton. Any ideas?

With Southampton we start the back half of the tour - just 4 dates to go now. Last night was at the Nuffield Theatre located on the Southampton University campus. A great theatre - about 500 capacity (and another sell-out) but feeling really intimate.

Rob has media interviews with the Tear Times (from Tearfund - see the last post) and Inspire magazine. We also all had chance to have some dinner with Delirious? (the band) and also a Pastor based here in Southampton called Billy Kennedy - see New Community, who is working with Oasis and Steve Chalke, working with some failing schools.

We head off now to Cardiff for tonight's event.


  1. Hi Ian, there is the song Southhampton Dock by Pink Floyd.....

    Tour sounding good so far

    Alan Gibbon, Glasgow

  2. Sigh - of course!

    You got me there Alan! Hope to see you on Saturday!


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