Friday, March 23, 2007

Change, Change, Change

A friend of mine, Cameron, wrote about change a couple of days ago:

I think I realized something the other day:
Things change, especially when you're single. It's as if the social networks
upon which you stand are constantly shifting, like plates under a giant
fault line.

Friends get married, people move, people start dating
and fall off the face of the earth, people buy houses, people get new jobs
in other cities.

People change.

This really got me thinking. How much changes so quickly. Some other friends of mine (see moved to Seattle and I haven't seen them since June of last year, and probably won't get chance until summer 2008 at the earliest - and I really miss them. Another friend and colleague has been going through a really tough time and has resigned his position because of this. It has been almost a year since Rob Lacey passed away (I still miss him so much) and yet it seems like life has moved on so much since then.

I think about all the ways in which we try and create stability in our lives - homes, careers, soicial networks, family; but how often it is in a state of constant change. I was talking with my wife this morning and how perhaps the best way to leave something permanent on earth (or as permanent as earth gets anyway) is in the lives of others. Rob Bell asked the question :"What makes you angry?" because whatever makes you angry is probably what you should be pouring your life into and out for. I need to find this - I don't want to look back in five years time to find that I vascilated and hesitated and haven't yet started to embrace the fulness of life.

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