Monday, October 25, 2004

Liberal backslider?

I think I am goping to leave my Church. I am a sort of post-Charismatic, post-conservative, post-just-about-everything. I keep worrying that I don't actually believe anything anymore, then I read this by Clark Pinnock:

"Liberalism typically thinks that ... if we could just discard the element of the gospel that the current culture dislikes, we would ensure a future for it. What actually happens is that the salt loses its savor. There is no future for liberal Christianity because it just listens to culture and has nothing to contribute. It allows itself to be led around by the nose, while ruining churches and robbing the world of the gospel. If we follow [this] people ... Will not know learn of a new creation or of God reconciling the world to himself. The Christian faith should not make people feel superior - it should make them feel happiness for the nations because now there is hope and knowledge of salvation."

So as I have moved away from conservative Evangelicalism I cannot move towards liberalism. This quote has reminded me of what is great about evangelicalism - perhaps it has saved me from wandering too far in the wilderness.

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